Tradition in building Glass Melting Furnaces

After the expulsion of the Germans from Eastern Islands in the year 1946, Benedikt and Fritz Wagenbauer (father and son) were employed with the successor firm of the Passauer Company, the glass furnace building company Emanuel Uhrmann, Munich. Fritz Wagenbauer completed his apprenticeship under the well-known furnace building engineer Fritz Bayerl. Later, Fritz Bayerl worked for 25 years in Cairo, Egypt – as glass furnace builder. Fritz Wagenbauer in the Fifties became chief supervisor at the Emanuel Uhrmann firm in Munich. In this position he worked in following countries and glass factories on the construction of glass melting furnaces:

Austria – Germany – Italy – Finland – Spain – Portugal – Switzerland – Hungary – Korea – Yugoslavia – Romania

In 1974 Fritz Wagenbauer founded his own company with the target to offer his long years of experience and his new ideas to the glass industry. His first order he received from the company Doo San in South-Korea to build a new lead crystal melting furnace.

Furnace construction over 5 generations since 1835

1974 – Fritz Wagenbauer founds his own furnace construction company in Zwiesel
1990 – Roland Wagenbauer becomes General Manager
2000 – new construction of the plant facilities at the headquarters