Platinum Feeder System


We deliver following Forehearth-types:

Gas-heated Forehearth with straight radiation cooling, especially for

  • Crystal-Glass
  • Soda-Lime-Glass
  • C-Glass

Gas-heated Forehearth with straight, indirect or direct air cooling, especially for

  • Crystal-Glass
  • Soda-Lime-Glass

Electrical-heated Forehearth with or without covered channel for

  • Lead-Crystal-Glass
  • Crystal-Glass
  • Soda-Lime-Glass
  • strong evaporating Glasses

Direct heated Forehearth for Special-Glass with covered channel and top-electrode-heating for

  • Borosilicate-Glass
  • Opal-Glass

Gas-heated colouring Forehearth for the production of

  • coloured Crystal-Glass
  • Soda-Lime-Glass


We deliver custom-made Platinum-Feeder-Systems for each use cases for following glasses:

  • high-quality Crystal-Glass
  • high-quality Borosilicate-Glass
  • high-quality Opal-Glass
  • Special-glass, for example Display-Glass
  • optical Glasses