Oxy-Fuel Tank Furnaces

Technical Data:


Melting area:                   3-150 m2

Melting capacity:             1-16 oxy- / gas-burners

Doghouse:                       1 piece


  • less energy consumption than regenerative and recuperative tank furnaces
  • less NOx-Emission
  • less investment costs than regenerative tank furnaces
  • less space requirements
  • high flexibility
  • high furnace temperatures possible
  • long lifetime
  • increase of glass quality
  • less exhaust volume flow and so less dusting 
  • best for special glass applications


The oxy-fuel tank furnace is a cross fired tank furnace and is suitable for producing special glasses like

  • Borosilicate-Glass
  • Neutral-Glass
  • C-Glass
  • E-Glass
  • Display-Glass
  • Glass-Ceramics

Nowadays this type of furnace is used more and more in producing tableware and container-glass. The reasons for this in each case could be less emissions ( especially Nox-Emissions) as well as less energy costs. Especially expensive oil- or gas-prices as well as cheap oxygen-prices at the same time could be an important reason for the choice of this type of furnace.


High-efficient gas (oil) burners guarantee together with a individual controlling by performance and proportion a energy-saving heating for highest glass quality claim. In context with the single burner regulation the temperature profile can be adjusted along the furnace axis.


Our oxy-fuel tank furnaces can be expanded correspondingly with electric boosting systems as following:

  • Melting-End-Boosting
  • Thermal Barrier
  • Electrical Throat-Boosting

Also Bubbling-Systems with air pressure or with oxygen-bubbling are used for different cases.

The melting- and refining-part of the furnaces are optimal adjusted for any cases by different barrier- and throat-designs with or without air/furnace-cooling.