Electric Cold-Top Tank Furnaces

Technical Data:


Melting area:                3-30 m2

Melting capacity:          up to 60 t/d

Design:                         hexagonal/round or rectangular

Batch charger:              rotary batch charger or X-Y-batch charger for cold-top-tank-furnaces 


  • less emissions especially in strong-steaming-melting like opal- and borosilicate-glass
  • less space requirements
  • less energy costs at low electricity prices


Electric Cold-Top Tank Furnaces is suitable for producing

  • Lead-Crystal-Glass
  • Crystal-Glass
  • Borosilicate-Glass
  • Fluorine-Opal-Glass
  • other Special-Glasses

for table ware, cosmetics glass, pharmacentrical glass as well as for different technical products.

Our Electric Cold-Top Tank Furnaces will be delivered with different heating-zones accordingly use as following:

  • hexagonal / round tank furnaces or
  • rectangular tank furnaces


The heating is full-electric, depending on glass sort with tin oxide or molybdenum-electrode. They can be installed as following:

  • Bottom-Electrodes
  • Side-Electrodes
  • Top-Electrodes


Different water-cooled electrode-holders are also available, depending on electrode type.