Our experience is your advantage

We provide following services for you:

  • Basic engineering
  • Construction design
  • Calculation and optimization of energy consumption and glass quality
  • Project management

The high quality standard of this range of services is constantly kept on a state-of-the-art level by cooperation with well-known external consultants from universities, research institutes and the industry.

Planning and Engineering

Individually planned for you

Depending on the requirements of our customers, we plan and construct all necessary

  • layout- and foundation plans
  • loat plans
  • project drawings with associated detail and section drawings
  • material lists and tender documents
  • assembly drawings
  • wiring diagrams
  • tank furnace modelling

We use modern software for constructing 3-D volume models and for modelling and visualization.



We provide following services for you:

  • construction management for new constructions and rapairs
  • steel works and refractory construction
  • assembly work
  • heating up and commissioning
  • furnace drainage and furnace cooling down
  • hot repairs
  • technical advice
  • personnel training